Who we are

Most of the team have worked together over a very long period of time, in excess of 30 years in some cases; before Core was established. Relationships with many of our clients go back just as long. This stability we feel is a key feature to our operation. Our team enjoys good personal and professional relationships and many of our clients have become part of our working ‘family’.

The key members of the operational team are as follows

  • Tony Criss MRICS

    Executive 0151 255 2500

    A Chartered Surveyor with almost 60 years experience in the property business. He will be familiar to those in the property industry locally. He has successfully built up his own property portfolio and has been instrumental in a number of development projects such as Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool.

    Interests include travelling, sport, reading, dining and wine, (and being a granddad).

  • Paul Roberts MRICS

    Commercial Management 0151 255 2500

    A Chartered Surveyor with over 30 years experience. Paul is also a Director of a long established Property Investment Company; a role borne out of a long professional relationship with an established client. This gives him a sound understanding of property matters from an owner’s perspective.

    Interests include travelling, reading, cars and walking. (He also admits to owning a caravan).

  • Allan Pelan BSc (Hons) MRICS

    Commercial Management. 0151 255 2500

    A Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years experience.  Allan has a background in the construction industry which has helped to give him a uniquely practical and hands on approach to the profession.  He deals with a wide variety of clients and properties and is able to provide a full range of advice on property matters.

    Interests include reading, running, gym and boxing.  Allan is married and has three children.

  • Gordon Globe

    Residential Management 0151 255 2500

    Gordon is a highly experienced residential property management surveyor and has been in the industry for over 40 years.  He specialises in portfolio management but also values smaller clients. His knowledgeable and methodical approach enables him to provide significant advice on a multitude of property issues.

    Interests include: voluntary charity work. He is the director of two
    Charitable Limited Companies. He is also a life member of Lancashire County Cricket Club.

  • Julie Thomas

    Management Accounts 0151 255 2500

    Management Accounts. Julie has considerable experience in property management issues and is responsible for operation of the client accounts. She also has experience of providing secretarial and accountancy support to a major client.

    Interests include travelling, reading, walking and gym.

  • Christine Peet

    Management Accounts 0151 255 2500

    Christine has been an integral part of management accounts for many years. Focusing on the residential side of the business she has a highly disciplined and structured approach to her work.

    Interests include reading and walking

  • Alan Green

    Residential Management Support 0151 255 2500

    Alan has worked within various residential departments for in excess of 35 years. His primary focus is on property maintenance and estate management issues. Alan has a most pleasant and co-operative manner and has established a good working relationship with tenants as well as clients.

    Interests include music, films and the theatre. Alan is also a long standing member of the Sinatra Music Society.

  • Jayne Hawthorne

    Residential & General Management Support 0151 255 2500

    Jayne is the newest member of the team. She has a BA (Hons) in History from Lancaster University and joined Core in 2008 to provide support for the residential property department. She is conversant with multitasking and her perceptive approach to property matters ensures the smooth running of the department.

    Interests include a love of reading, cooking and hill-walking.